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Link to the Deborah "Debbie" Bacigalupi Answers Questions questionnaire published by the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund, San Mateo, San Francisco County, CA

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Associate Degree, American River College
Summa Cum Laude, BS Business, Notre Dame de Namur
Masters in Business Administration, Notre Dame de Namur
Certified Sommelier
Certified Meeting Professional
Former Emergency Medical Technician
Biotechnology Consultant
Agriculture Advocate
Educational Speaker

Debbie At HomeInfluences: I am 6th generation Californian and proud of my family’s contributions to the Bay Area. My mother's family owned the first neighborhood market place in Oakland while my father's family were early farmers passing on the tradition for generations to come. After working for the State, my dad returned to his farming roots; I enjoyed growing up in the city, country, and mountains and learning important values through my diverse experiences. (Click any image to go to Gallery.)

Concerns: California was once the world’s fifth largest economy. In just a few years we’ve dropped to ninth, losing businesses and jobs along the way--and this is unacceptable! On average, five businesses leave our great state weekly due to high taxes, over-regulation, and an unfriendly business environment. California loses more jobs than it creates. Despite this, California’s economy remains important to the world. With contributions like The full video from which this is taken is on the Gallery pagehigh-tech, biotech, aerospace, alternative energy, entertainment/Hollywood, philanthropy, agriculture, wine, food, and more, California’s businesses are crucial to the vitality of our state, our nation, and the world. We can no longer accept the status quo. When the management of a corporation fails, the Board of Directors replaces them. When management of government fails the voters must replace them. Right now, we lack leadership that is truly able to stand up for California, let alone live by its own swelling rules and choking regulations. What is needed in Washington D.C. are California leaders who are willing to balance logical policies with incentives to attract business, entrepreneurship, tourism, and job growth. We ALL benefit from a community that thrives. What we need is for Government to be on our side, and not on our back. Let California; once again, lead the way back to prosperity.

Priorities: I am a businesswoman. I understand that businesses have to live within their means in order to survive and succeed. Debt and mismanagement of resources are destructive to any company and to government as well. If The video from which this is taken is on the Gallery page.Washington continues to recklessly spend and mismanage our tax dollars, itwill fail; we all will suffer, and we all will have to pay the price to fix it. Washington D.C.’s deficit spending is unacceptable and places a huge burden on us, our communities, our children, and our grandchildren for generations to come. It is unnecessary, immoral, unacceptable, and must stop NOW!!

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