Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, Supporters, Contributors, Volunteers, and Patriots...

THANK YOU and God Bless YOU!!! What an extraordinary experience.

I'm so proud of what we accomplished, and the people we met along the way. We were unstoppable all the way to the end.

"Grassrooting" is the way campaigns should be run. Everyone should experience this: it's a blast. The different emotions. The amazing people. The mean people. The extraordinary people. The adrenaline, fear, excitement, joy, love, and frustration... and so much more.

AND, it's what the voters--the people--appreciate most.

My favorite moments from the campaign include voters calling my cell phone, shocked that "Debbie" answered the phone; being out in public and finding folks shocked that "Debbie" is the one holding holding up signs for hours; spending extraordinary time with extraordinary people (volunteers, family, and friends); hearing from many people whom I've met during my lifetime; meeting new people; hearing voters' concerns; sharing information on Bay Area agendas that EVERYONE should know about; and giving so many more people a voice and hope... as well as giving them hope that there are good people still out there willing to run for office.

The odds of winning against an entrenched career politician were not in our favor... but if victory wasn't to be ours this year, I still believe it will happen soon. Our career politicians will someday find themselves out of their career-politician jobs and, hopefully, grassroots campaigns will fill the vacancies. More and many more people are getting fed up with the status quo... fed up with politicians who clearly have lost their way and are dragging us down with them.

We ran a clean, exceptional campaign. I AM SO PROUD.


I hope I someday have the honor and privilege to serve American and her people.


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